Project Overview

Meredith Jacobson is an accomplished professional who's done years of work in the world of production and influencer marketing.

In 2021, we collaborated with her to create a new digital home for her personal brand. The website was conceived from scratch, planned and designed with our process and developed in Webflow.


Creative Direction

Website Design

Webflow Development

February 2021
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We first led Meredith through a light brand analysis to gain an in-depth understanding of her personal brand goals.

She wanted to capture and display the presence of a Founder. The website needed to be built to feel like a first meeting, with the goal of motivating the user to set up a second.

With these concepts in mind, we designed Meredith's brand site to feel like her - loaded with personality. We led Meredith through multiple rounds of design, and we consulted on content strategy to ensure the site was cohesive and impactful.

After a successful launch, Meredith now uses the site as a base for her diverse portfolio and a destination for new business.

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