Munq name.

The Name

Our name is inspired by the real-world monks of many faiths who choose an alternative path. Monks commit to the hard work of inner growth in order to improve the world around them.

At Munq, we too start within. We believe that in order to create your change, you first need to become the person you’re meant to be.

But we aren’t monks, and we’ll never pretend to be. That’s why we changed the word.

The Munq name makes room for us to build. We chose Munq so we could create an original identity for ourselves and our community to unite around.

It's up to us all (yup, you too) to define what Munq will be.

The Mark

The Munq mark is the mark of human creation.

Storytelling is the core of Munq. Everything we do - shaping videos, crafting identities, building relationships - always comes back to a story.

That’s because storytelling is how humanity communicates. It always has been. And stories are the result of creation.

Our mark was made to tell that story.

The human story. The story of one people shaping one world for thousands of years… just with our hands.

Our mark is a stamp for humanity. We use it to seal everything we do with a reminder that we are, all of us, one people united by our creative nature.

Black Munq shirt with logo.

The Philosophy

Munq is more than a business - it's a call. A call to challenge ourselves and our beliefs in order to become the people we need to be.

Munq is a world where we get vulnerable, both with ourselves and each other. It's a world where we look inside. Where we step out of line, question the status quo, and explore the alternative.

Tim in mask at Clark.
Munq filming outside.
Justin laughing.

Munq is a call to not only search for a better future, but to create that future for ourselves, our peers, and our world.

Our work starts within. And while we may not be monks, we can - all of us - be Munq.

Tim and Moses talking.

Join our community.

We're creating new thinking, and we're having fun doing it. Come see us in the community, where we're sharing stories, shifting perspectives, and disrupting realities.

Tim Munq II
Munq Year II
Justin and Leo Munq II
OneMoar Software
Justin and Leo Munq II
B Roll Boys

Wear the flag.

We wanted to give our people the chance to represent the brand alongside us. When you wear Munq, you wear the courage to create a change.