Founders talking.

We began as two old friends who reunited to do something bigger than ourselves.

We were in our 20s, and the real world was calling. The grind, the nine-to-five, the norm.

But we dreamed of an alternative path...

Justin in park.
Tim history.
Justin and Leo laptop.

We started freelancing. Creative work just felt right, and doing it together helped us make the discoveries that would lead to Munq.

We discovered the joy of creating something original. We found that our creations - our stories - could impact other people.

And we realized that with the help of those people, we could create change. Real, lasting change.

That's pretty big.

Then 2020 happened.

Munq setting up with mask.
Oxygen tank.
Munq setup.

We mentioned change… 2020 showed us we needed a lot of it. Our pandemic-wracked world fell ill to grief, panic, and anger that plagued us all every day.

It seemed like our world was constantly working to snuff out the light - and why would anyone want to live in a place like that?

To us, an alternative to the norm seemed more necessary than ever.

So, on December 21, 2020 - our darkest year's darkest day - we founded Munq to do our part in restoring the light.

Founders meeting.

We made Munq to be a source of contrast.

It's a haven for the alternative. A home you can come to when you’re tired of being told to give up and take your place.

Come here when you want to change the rules. When you want a choice. And when you want proof that your choice can lead to something great.

That's our story.

Now, we're here to contribute to a better world. A world of hope, connection, and ambition. A world where people challenge what is, because they believe in what can be.

We know we can't build that world alone. We need hopeful people who believe that the work they do can create change. If that sounds like you, extend a hand.