Project Overview

RE/MAX Professional Associates is a real estate brokerage that operates all across Central Massachusetts. They hired us to help recruit new agents and better retain current ones.

RMXPA didn't know how best to tell their story, and as a result their competition was telling it for them. If you don't brand yourself, someone else will.



Brand Messaging Workshop

Brand Messaging Guidelines

June 2022
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We moved to help RMXPA take a cohesive strategy and story to the market. After analyzing their brand and the industry, we gathered key stakeholders to talk about where their brand was currently and where they wanted it to be.

Our goal with this workshop was not to create a brand for them, but simply to listen, elicit discussion, and uncover the answers that they already had within themselves.

After the workshop, we translated our observations and insights into a comprehensive Brand Messaging guide. The document was made to be shared throughout RMXPA's organization to help them take back ownership of their story.

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