Project Overview

The South Worcester County Startup Support Coalition (SWCSSC) is a collaborative group of organizational leaders in the Worcester, MA area. The group came together to make a proposal to the MassTech Collaborative Strong Entrepreneur Ecosystems Grant Program that, if approved, would secure over $200,000 to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Worcester.

After Munq's co-founder, Tim Hally, sat on the advisory board for the proposal, SWCSSC hired us to design graphics, charts, and page layouts for the final proposal document.


Creative Direction

Content Strategy

Graphic Design

Document Layout Design

November 2022
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Our goal wasn't just to make Worcester look like a serious contender; we wanted our city to be the clear cream of the crop.

We worked with David Sullivan, a Director at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, Zachary Dutton, Executive Director at the Venture Forum, and others to craft a robust proposal document that communicated the Coalition's initiatives through quality, intelligent design.

Through creative direction, we helped ensure the document's sections were structured with intent. Additionally, we used Coalition data and input to design a collection of graphics that helped illustrate and solidify key components of the proposal.

The final proposal document was submitted for consideration at the end of November, 2022. In March, 2023, it was announced that the proposal had been accepted and a grant of over $200,000 had been given to South Worcester County.

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