Project Overview

Incentivio is a restaurant digital platform that helps their partners build stronger relationships with guests. They came to us in search of a way to make the impact of their platform feel clear and real.

Strategic discovery led us to a solution. To achieve Incentivio's objectives, we produced a testimonial-like Customer Story Video.


Content Strategy

Video Production

Social Channels

January 2023
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To show exactly how Incentivio's platform eases the difficulty of operating a restaurant franchise, we went to the source.

We traveled to Wing It On!, a successful Incentivio partner in West Orange, NJ (and maker of America's #1 Buffalo Sauce), to capture interviews and contextual footage. Justin Egan, MBA of Wing It On! and Craveworthy Brands, and Jeff Cooper, owner of the West Orange location, spoke on the impact Incentivio has been able to create for Wing It On!

Every end user is a human being. By telling a human success story, we helped Incentivio establish new credibility and social proof.

Our final production, along with a collection of short clips produced exclusively for social media, will be an important part of Incentivio's marketing efforts this year.

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