Project Overview

In January 2023, we helped Incentivio make their platform feel real and human by telling the story of one of their many successful customers. When they approached us again, it was with the hope that we could help them blend more of their mission - their why - into another story.

So we did just that. In June 2023, we traveled to Latham, NY to film with Incentivio and their incredibly fun partner, The Works Cafe.


Content Strategy

Creative Direction

Video Production

June 2023
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Incentivio provides growing restaurant franchises and brands with technology that only the largest chains would have boasted just a short time ago. But why? What matters most about Incentivio's pursuit?

That's the question we wanted to answer with our story. We conducted interviews with Richard French, Founder and CEO of The Works, and a few loyal café customers who all spoke on the industry trend of homogenization and the struggle to preserve culinary choice. People deserve access to the food they want... and that's why Incentivio does what they do.

Our storytelling work will help Incentivio continue to make a brighter future possible for restaurant entrepreneurs and their guests. Going forward, our video at The Works will be an important part of Incentivio's marketing efforts.

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