Project Overview

After successfully partnering to produce a Brand Story Video, Munq and Legendary Legacies teamed up again to take on the challenge of Brand Messaging.

We helped Legendary achieve unity in their message by defining their brand story and creating the means to share it.



Brand Messaging Workshop

Brand Messaging Guidelines

December 2022
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Legendary needed help clarifying their Brand Messaging so that they'd be telling the same story at all levels of their organization.

We held a Strategy-centric workshop with key members of the organization to first examine the brand's gaps. We needed to know where they were and where they wanted to be with their goals.

The workshop also led us to uncover the real story and voice of the Legendary brand. From those truths, we could craft Brand Messaging that would embody the organization's values and connect with the right audience.

We drew conclusions from our workshop insights to create an expansive Brand Messaging guide. By sharing the guide throughout their organization, Legendary will achieve new clarity and consistency in their Brand Messaging.

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