Project Overview

Human stories create the connections that our world desperately needs - that’s why we admired the Guild of St. Agnes for wanting to show more than just the numbers with their 2023 Annual Report.

We partnered with the Guild to help them showcase the impacts that new leadership initiatives created throughout the organization’s 110th year. The Guild is on a quest to set a higher standard for the early education and childcare space - we set out to illustrate that quest in this report.


Creative Strategy


Brand Photography

Graphic Design

January 2024
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To build the report and the story within, we conducted creative strategy collaborations with Guild leadership. The resulting insights and conclusions helped shape the report’s content and design.

Report copy was written in conjunction with Guild leadership. We wrote with the goal of getting people to actually read this thing - annual reports don’t have to be boring. A clear, concise story ties all of our data and details together to take our reader on a journey that we think is insightful, enjoyable, and inspiring all at once.

Constructing the final report design involved original brand photography shoots at Guild locations and an extensive graphic design process. We aimed not just to create a beautiful one-off product, but to build an asset that can and will serve as a standard for the Guild’s visual identity going forward.

The Guild’s 2023 Annual Report tells a powerful story of how the organization is working towards a better future - by creating space. Space for innovation, for collaboration, and for our next generation to safely grow into the best humans they can be.

The report builds an important bridge between the brand’s 110-year history and its bright path ahead, and will serve as a valuable piece of the Guild’s ongoing branding and marketing efforts. It will be used to raise funds, engineer new partnerships, and strengthen culture and communication within the organization.

You can explore the full Annual Report here!

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