The Reliant Foundation


The Reliant Foundation is a non profit organization that focuses on community health initiatives. In 2021, they enlisted our help to create a story video recapping their efforts in 2020, a year like no other.

We aimed to capture the scale of the problems Reliant faced in the pandemic, and to chronicle their efforts to help.

When shown at Reliant's annual Drive for a Difference fundraising event, our video helped raise over ten thousand dollars.


We wanted to take our audience back to when the pandemic first struck the world. It was important to recapture those feelings of chaos and stress in order to truly depict what Reliant and the rest of the health community were facing.

In conducting interviews and gathering real life footage, we showcased Reliant's pandemic aid efforts and shared their vision for the future of community health.

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This video is about not just the Reliant Foundation, but Central Massachusetts as a whole. In times of great crisis, all levels of society can come together to respond.

We wanted to leave our audience feeling reminded of the power we all have when we let our hearts and humanity guide us. Through cooperation and community, hope is alive and well.

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Every year, the Reliant Foundation holds their Drive for a Difference fundraiser to address urgent community health needs. Our production was the feature presentation at the 2021 event, shown to an audience of other private and non profit organizations.

Donations to the Reliant fundraiser after the viewing of our video totaled over ten thousand dollars.

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