Permanent Mark


PermanentMark is a family owned laser engraving company based in Clinton, MA. In 2019, we collaborated with them in producing a brand story video to help share their deeply personal story.

In addition, we created a new brand identity that draws from the rich roots of PermanentMark to empower the company and family for the future.


We tapped into the personal stories and strong values that make PermanentMark unique in order to create a refreshed visual identity, new company website, and original brand story video.

PermanentMark Site PermanentMark Site

We updated the PermanentMark identity to create an approachable, modern brand that pays homage to its roots while it looks ahead..

Working at PermanentMarkPermanentMark Branding

Sacrifice. Legacy. The story of PermanentMark is the story of a family that understands the power of committing to a cause.