Open Circle Acupuncture.


Open Circle provides affordable and accessible community style acupuncture to the Central Massachusetts area. In 2021, they approached us with the hopes of expanding their reach and welcoming new clients.

To help Open Circle grow, we produced a brand story video that familiarizes the audience with the practice of acupuncture and invites them to try it for themselves.


Our main goal was to demystify the world of acupuncture. We wanted the audience to see the practice not as something magical, but for what it truly is - a legitimate therapy with backing in science.

To achieve that goal and educate our audience, we interviewed the founders of Open Circle and captured the performance of real life acupuncture on camera.

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An Invitation

Open Circle are members of the community they serve. They know the challenges to their community's health and work to help people face those challenges.

In sharing their story and expertise, Open Circle invites people to try something new in their healing journey.

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