Friends of Prospect Park


Prospect Park is a community green space in Shrewsbury, MA. It's made special by what lies within - a mystical set of ruins called the Garden of Sweet Remembrance.

In 2020, we connected with Friends of Prospect Park and learned about their mission to get the local community involved in the Garden's preservation. Together, we created a campaign in hopes of galvanizing the town to contribute to the Garden's restoration.


Right away, we found a communication gap between Friends of Prospect Park and the people they wanted to reach. The Garden was an amazing place, but very few people knew about it.

To change that, we produced a story video that details the fascinating history of the Garden and the efforts made by Friends of Prospect Park to preserve it.

Prospect Park trailProspect Park photosProspect Park trail sign


We wanted to capture the beauty and tranquility of the Garden to create an emotional connection between the space and the local community.

To strengthen that connection, we interviewed people with historical ties to the Garden and volunteers who've spent time on the front lines of the Garden's preservation.

Prospect Park trailProspect Park photosProspect Park photosShrewsbury Historical SocietyProspect Park photosZoe's Rocks

A Call to Action

The efforts of Friends of Prospect Park are ongoing. They continue to use the story of the Garden and the people who work to keep it beautiful as an inspiring call for people to join their initiative.

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