Flaherty Physical Therapy


Flaherty Physical Therapy is a clinic local to the Central Massachusetts area. After opening a second location in 2021, Flaherty PT reached out to us for help telling their story, finding additional staff, and expanding their client base.

The Story

Our brand story video shows potential clients why they should choose Flaherty PT. We filmed and presented customer testimonials to showcase the real people that benefit from the clinic's work.

Flaherty PT celebrationFlaherty PT Logo

The Culture

We produced a second, internal asset to assist efforts in recruiting and retaining new talent. Our focus was on the rich atmosphere, culture, and benefits that come with working at Flaherty PT.

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The Impact

Using our productions, Flaherty PT was able to target relevant audiences, like recent graduates, in their search for new talent. They were also able to expand their digital outreach and promote the opening of their second location.

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