Project Overview

Pillar Prep, formerly known as Sean Studies, is an MCAT prep company in Worcester, MA that specializes in helping aspiring medical students retake their MCAT exam.

In 2020, we partnered with the company's founder, Sean, to evolve his personal brand into something that would better serve his growing collective of students and peers.


Brand Naming

Logo Design


Website Design

Webflow Development

January 2021
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We created a brand to reflect and embody the collective values of the fast growing company and its surrounding community of aspiring medical students.

By immersing ourselves in the test prep industry and its many communities, we came up with a new name that appealed to students and emphasized the company's values of resiliency, collaboration, and empowerment.

In designing a new visual identity, we aimed to capture the ideas of support, academics, accessibility, community, and dreams.

We paired the Pillar Prep visual identity with original brand messaging to create a new company website that serves as a home for Pillar's products, services, and community.

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